Our Mission

DigiGig prepares residents in rural communities for the future of work by teaching professional-level digital literacy skills, modern communication tools and personal productivity habits needed to thrive in the modern economy. It bridges the opportunity gap when it helps citizens adapt their skill-sets to the digital economy in order to take advantage of nationwide opportunities for middle skilled jobs.


Our programs are taught by professionals who have been in your shoes. All of our instructors have also had to learn new ways of communication, adapt to new web-based workflow tools and understand how to make the most of the internet to achieve our goals.

The program was developed by Heather Furby and John Lorance.

John Lorance
Founder, Course Leader

John Lorance is an accomplished software architect and entrepreneur. He currently is the CTO of Great Hires, a Bay Area company which facilitates the delivery of great interview experiences for job candidates, interviewers, and hiring managers. John’s background also includes management consulting for social benefit organizations addressing digital inclusion issues in marginalized communities.

He currently runs his globally sourced team from Nevada City and produces the business and technology innovation mixer, TechTonic.

Heather Furby
Founder, Course Leader

Heather Furby is the founder and CEO of Creative Age Leadership, a consulting company in Grass Valley, CA dedicated to helping business leaders keep up with the special needs of today’s workplace. She specializes in building trusted and loyal teams that thrive in innovation by being inclusive of all genders, generations and cultures.

Heather has trained hundreds of leaders in mastering the finer aspects of managing remote teams, expanding staff from “Founder, Friends and Family” to High-Functioning Business Units and learning how understanding self before everything else is the key to business success.


For inquiries about the DigiGig program, please use the contact form or call 530-362-8118.  For inquiries specific to the Grass Valley Pilot program, please see the contact details on that page.