Grass Valley Pilot

The First Rural Pilot – Grass Valley, California

Today’s technology is significantly changing the way we work. Project based employment, contracting out work to remote staff and finer division of labor create the foundations for the 21st century digital economy. This new way of working creates amazing opportunities for residents of rural communities to participate in the transformation of work without having to migrate to urban areas – but you have to understand the new rules of engagement.

The Grass Valley & Nevada City area provides an excellent opportunity to pilot a program designed specifically to help communities adapt to the emerging digital economy by focusing on the broadest set of citizens and the widest opportunity. Whether you need to brush up on your digital literacy to grow your career and confidence or fine tune digital communication skills to meet today’s changing job market, DigiGig will help you succeed. DigiGig is your key to learning the essential skills for today’s workplace.

Local Sponsorship & Local Leadership

Robin Davies

The initial rural pilot of the DigiGig program is sponsored & produced by the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce. The program has been developed by digital workforce veterans specifically for the rural environment and locally produced by Machen MacDonald and Robin Davies of the Chamber.  The Chamber understands that growing local economic prosperity depends on bridging the opportunity gap; connecting it’s citizens to the opportunities available in the emerging digital economy.

Machen MacDonald

Impact Evaluation

Each program participant’s progress will be evaluated over the course of 3-6 months in order to assess the impact of the program and to inform revisions to the program for rural settings.



For media or other inquiries, please call the Chamber at 530-273-4667.


The Grass Valley Pilot 2017 Winter program completed in April.  We are currently considering dates for another program in the Fall.  Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more.



Quietech Associates, Inc. is a full-service tech support company offering on-site service to businesses and individuals as well as providing basic digital literacy education. Quietech is the DigiGig’s Grass Valley computer supply and training facility partner.