The Program

Do you consider digital skills necessary?

Studies indicate that nearly every employer does… but most of us only understand technology from a consumer perspective.

During the DigiGig program, you will use skill assessment tools to determine your readiness to engage a variety of remote work opportunities.  The program combines in-person workshops and curated online learning experiences so that you learn at your own pace while being part of a vital, local learning community. You will not be left feeling alone and overwhelmed with internet based courses. In fact, you’ll have your own coach to help you identify your own skills gaps and identify additional learning courses to bridge that gap.

Learning objectives are aligned to enhance each attendees ability to excel in the digital economy. Each week each of these areas are progressively addressed:

  • Communication for remote team success.
  • Skills assessment and technical skill building.
  • Privacy & security practices expected for remote workers.
  • Freelancing best practices.
  • Applying digital tools to productivity disciplines & methodologies.
  • Attaining a remote worker success mindset.

The Result

DigiGig delivers the combination of skill acquisition, online profile building, and digital marketplace coaching to prepare each attendee to be effectively engaged in the digital workforce by the end of the session. The ultimate objective of each DigiGig session is to have attendees obtain up to 15 hours of paid work by the end of the program or be well along in the interview process for full or part-time remote work.

Program Outline

This is a sample outline of the program. The actual topics may vary depending on the needs of individual participants. DigiGig is a 12-week program. The first 8 weeks are designed for maximum learning through self-paced online programs as well as in-person workshops. The last 4 weeks are continued support from your mentor or coach as you look for work or make the transition into working remote.

Week 1 – Set Yourself Up for Success

Set up your computer for maximum learning, organize your work area, begin building your network for best results

Week 2 – Learning the Tools

Begin online course work, meet your coach, customize your learning tools

Week 3 – Continued Success

Self-paced online coursework, participate in your virtual online community

Week 4 – Present Your Personal Style

Learn how to present yourself online, build a successful resume, understand how to leverage your network

Week 5 – Continued Coursework

Customize your online learning courses to build individual skills

Week 6 – Ready to Work

Understand workplace communication, Build your financial model, Billing and Invoicing

Week 7 – Your Personal Brand

Building a strong online network, telling your stories of success so that people know your value

Week 8 – Ground Your Success

Continue building successful remote work mindsets and routines

Week 9-12 – Ongoing check-ins with your mentor, coach and program staff to support your search for remote work or to help you navigate the transition into working remotely.


  • 4 In-Person Workshops
  • 8 to 10 weeks of curated, online courses
  • Online and In-Person Support
  • Small class size

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